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The Full Story

My name is Tara Payne

I am the founder of Mavens Meet®.  

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For years I have been told that I possess an uncanny ability to form high-quality connections. I wish I could take credit for this ability. Growing up in a Tulsa that was mostly segregated, my parents recall living in a community where they, the citizens of the Black community, were all they had. So they took care of one another and looked out for each other. Our upbringing was not segregated but my parents raised my sisters and me to take care of one another and our community.  I came to appreciate this sentiment and coupled it with my care and love for supporting people. After years of being told I should use it to start a business, I finally realized that what I thought was just a "knack" for connection was a skill that had the potential to benefit not just me but also those around me.

I started Mavens Meet ® in 2019 as a professional women's support and development organization, while working in Financial Services. This group was born out of a desire to have a space where collaboration, not competition, was the norm.

Working in financial services was never a desire of mine. I decided to try it after giving birth to my daughter. I promised myself I would find something I loved so she would see me and pursue what she loved. After I left financial services I backed away from the group but continued making connections.  In 2020 at the beginning of the global COVID pandemic, I found myself at home looking for work I could do remotely with my current set of skills. So purchased an LLC and began doing virtual assistant work part-time.  To encourage myself towards success looked for a place where others were building businesses successfully. I soon entered Tulsa's entrepreneurial ecosystem by way of joining the team at 36 Degrees North, a local Entrepreneur Support Organization. Part of my responsibility was---you guessed it--- making connections! 


While talking to members and sharing what I did I would hear I need someone like you on my team. This ignited a desire in me to begin forming a solution and Mavens Meet (TM) was reborn. It is my desire to facilitate connections, with the help of our online platform, that will positively impact our ecosystem, our economy, and most importantly our families.  My mission is to do so with compassion, empathy, and integrity and in the spirit of community.

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