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What is a maven?

Merriam Webster defines a maven as one who is experienced or knowledgeable: EXPERT.

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Using the power of connection to build community.

Making meaningful connections is kind of our jam. We are on a mission to make connections that allow the best and brightest minds in our network to make an undeniable impact on our city, state, and our world. That's where you come in.


Since you are here I suspect we have connected at some point and that you are either a founder, work for a startup, or you are an administrative professional.


As a founder, you are a gifted problem-solver.  You're passionate and you are determined. You started your company to make a difference. You need people on your team who are equally as passionate. But you don't just want people. You want the right people. That's where we come in.

As a world-class administrative professionalyou are an integral part of your team. You bring a sense of order, structure, and dependability and you possess a wealth of valuable skills.  You don't just want a job you want to make a difference and you want to do so in an environment where you are valued and can collaborate with like minds. You are a founder's dream.  You are a Maven. Imagine the impact you can make together.

Whether you are looking to build your team or looking for an opportunity to make a difference this our platform is for you

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