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Want a fulfilling career that fits your family, interests, and your life?


We’re Mavens Meet®, a community born out of the need for collaboration, connection, and mutual growth. Our founder’s journey, from making heartfelt community connections in Tulsa to establishing a thriving entrepreneurial network, has led to this moment: creating an opportunity for YOU to redefine what work means.

Just like you, we have been:

Employees feeling trapped in a thankless job

Spirited individuals who know life has something more to offer

Thinking of diversifying our income and reclaiming our time but fears and uncertainties have held us back.

And now that we have taken that first leap of faith, we live life on our own terms

can you see yourself?

Traveling anytime you want because you can work from anywhere?

You'd have the autonomy to work on your terms, defining your hours and choosing projects that resonate with your passion.

Working at the Beach

Weaving work around your life so you don't miss those important moments? 

No more missed celebrations with the flexibility Mavens Meet® provides. 

Flourishing holistically because you can prioritize self-care while becoming a highly-skilled expert? 

You'll become an invaluable asset in the world of virtual assistance, standing tall amongst a league of elite VAs.


Perfection is not needed here!

In the world of Mavens Mee, we value growth over perfection. We recognize that everyone's journey is unique, filled with moments of triumphs and lessons. While the world outside might press for flawless execution at every turn, here, we celebrate the beauty of progress.


We don't seek robotic precision; we crave genuine passion and commitment. Our community thrives on mutual support, understanding, and the shared belief that it's the journey of continuous improvement that truly matters.

At Mavens Meet®, we're seeking those who see the bigger picture, who recognize that every investment in themselves multiplies in returns. Our ideal Maven understands that we aren’t a traditional employer but a gateway to prestige in the virtual assistance domain. They resonate with the entrepreneurial rhythm, ready to carve out a niche that not only sustains them but propels them into realms of success they previously only dreamt of.

A Rewarding Journey Awaits!

The Maven Way™ is a bridge from where you are now to where you deserve to be: in control, fulfilled, and thriving.

It's tailor-made for resourceful, ambitious women who crave flexibility and yearn to bring joy back into their professional lives.

In this program, you will...

Master Virtual Assistance

Through our expert-led modules, you'll gain a thorough grasp of the VA realm empowering you to serve a diverse range of client needs with excellence.

Gain Premium Opportunities

No more endless job hunts. With our program, tap into our founder's exclusive network of top professionals, ensuring that once you graduate, your career takes off with stellar opportunities that recognize your worth.

Thrive with A Supportive Community

You're not alone on this journey. Benefit from a tight-knit community of seasoned professionals and peers who are ever-ready to share, guide, and uplift, ensuring you never feel lost or isolated.

Access Endless Resources for Growth

Your relationship with us doesn't end with a certification. Enjoy a treasure trove of courses, resources, unwavering support, ensuring that you continue to flourish in your professional journey.

Get Hands-On Learning for Real-World Success

Our practical assignments aren't just tasks—they're opportunities. With each assignment, see your confidence soar, your portfolio expand, and your practical skills sharpen, preparing you for real-world challenges.

Earn A Certification of Excellence

With our Maven Certification, showcase not just your completion, but your commitment, expertise, and preparedness to the world, making you a top pick for discerning clients.

Neat Computer Desk
"I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to begin my Virtual Assistance career as a member of the inaugural Mavens Meet® cohort. Since the training courses in March, I have unearthed skills that laid dormant within me. Becoming a Maven has allowed me to become more confident in my soft skills and more dedicated to my career. Being able to assist with creative projects, accelerator programs, and even basic administrative work has opened my eyes to the immense world of virtual work. Tara crafted an amazing training program and does her best to connect us with founders who are just as motivated and passionate about their business as we are. Prior to the course, I had intermediate level administrative skills and could handle the base level data entry that my previous employer required. Going through the training allowed me to further develop those skills and curate new ones. Now, I am far better at multitasking, managing schedules and prioritizing tasks. I feel empowered to take on more responsibility and even begin the work to start my own business and carry out my creative endeavors."

Teriza W.

You are worth morethan a paycheck!

Every day, countless women, especially those with passions and dreams like yours, settle for less. Less recognition, less fulfillment, less income.


Why? Because society has conditioned many of us to see our worth through the narrow lens of a paycheck. But here’s the truth: Your value isn't determined by an hourly wage or a monthly salary. It's shaped by who you are - which is beyond measure! 

Mavens Meet® isn’t just about equipping you with skills; it's about igniting the . It’s about transforming how you see yourself in the world. You’re a powerhouse - a force to be reckoned with. A Maven of the highest esteem.

Limiting yourself is worthless. No more settling. No more compromises.

Are you ready to thrive in a career defined by flexibility, freedom, and fulfillment?

With the skills, experience, and certification you earn, your return on this investment will be more than 50X within your first year! 

Pay Your Way Plan


Every month

Pay 12 equal monthly payments 



Every quarter (4-months)

Pay 4-equal payments 

You have questions. We have answers.

Your time is precious, especially when balancing work and family. Our program is self-paced, and designed to fit around your commitments. You decide your schedule, and we’ll be here to support your journey.

Need more information? Here are two options: 

Schedule A Discovery Call!

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We look forward to

hearing from you!

If you're holding back, waiting for that perfect moment or fearing you're not 'perfect' enough, remember: at Mavens Meet®, your authenticity and drive are your most cherished assets.

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